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Snuffles (or Eugene as my flatmate nicknamed her) is a friendly cat who loves fuss and belly rubs. She will follow me about the house as she enjoys being around me, and will demand that I move cushions so that she can sit next to me on the sofa when I am working. She is confident with new people, and accepts fuss from visitors happily! She is a very vocal cat; I often have little conversations with her where she chirps at me or meows gently when I talk to her.

She previously lived in a house in outer London where she had access to the outside for some of the day, though with me she only lives inside. She would benefit from being allowed some secure outdoor access so she gets adequate stimulation. She loves to play - especially anything with a bell or a ‘tail’, and she is used to using a scratching post (so won’t shred the sofas!) A large cardboard box with some holes cut in it has also provided endless hours of amusement for her.
She was in a foster home with other cats who she did not get along with, so she would be best in a household with no other cats.


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  • Maturity: Adult
  • Colour: Black
  • Approx. Date of Birth: Feb 2014
  • Gender: FemaleName: Snuffles
    Maturity: Adult
    Colour: Black and white
    Approx. Date of Birth: April 2016
    Gender: female
    Breed: moggie
    Is the cat feral: no
    Is the cat neutered: yes
    Is the cat microchipped: no
    Is the cat vaccinated: yes
    Can live with cats: no
    Can live with dogs: no
    Can live with a young family: yes, if children are introduced carefully and are patient with
    Can live with a mature family: yes
    Indoor only cat: yes but would prefer some secure outdoor access
    Requires outdoor access: preferably, she can get bored inside
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Is the cat feral: No
  • Is the cat neutered: Yes
  • Is the cat microchipped: No
  • Is the cat vaccinated: No
  • Can live with cats: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with a young family: No
  • Can live with a mature family: Yes
  • Indoor only cat: No
  • Requires outdoor access: Yes