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Ivan needs more people to give him attention and to play with him (in his present home he lives with one 50-ish owner and shares attention with two other cats). If you try to play with one of the other cats Ivan takes over the game so you end up playing with him instead. And when Ivan sees one of the other cats playing happily by themselves with a toy he gets very excited by this and he pounces on them and chases them about for fun. It is never out of aggression but unfortunately the other two are very meek & timid and they are quite scared of Ivan. Also his owner is tired of being woken up by these little cat scuffles in the middle of the night, and it is a worry because neighbours can hear it too through the floor which they might complain about to the landlord. Ivan has access to a communal garden a few doors down where he plays happily - but he loves nothing more than to be in the garden WITH his owner. And there is no direct access to the garden from the flat so his owner has to make a point of going out there to be with him. Ivan is not living up to his full potential where he is now and it would be amazing if his owners could step straight into a garden from the back door.


Ivan needs more active people that work out his energy through regular daily play and each member of the family should know how to play with him (but don’t confuse him by all playing with him at once, you should take turns). The faster and wilder the play the better, he is not interested in half-hearted limp movements. Since he plays very enthusiastically, a very small child might accidently get knocked over. Children over 11 would be best so they can join in and play with him in the way that he likes. He should be with people that celebrate his personality not suppress it. He will be unhappy if you can’t be bothered or ignore him when he wants to be lively, so if you want to watch tv instead of playing with him then make sure he has had a work out and is tired. He has a particular favourite toy and when it wears out you need to buy another one exactly the same even though it’s expensive,

he won’t play with just any toy. He also likes catnip but the strong expensive kind not a cheap one. Ivan’s joie de vivre comes from playing, but he does not play much on his own with toys as he wants YOU to play with him and to wiggle the mouse or the stick FOR him. When he wants you to play with him he will bring you his favourite toy and place it on your feet. He is very sensitive and if you ignore him either he will mope because his feelings are hurt, or he will run about in circles trying to work out his excitement and energy because it is very frustrating for him. He also likes when you pretend to ‘chase’ him (softly/gently) and sometimes he invites this. He likes hide & seek too. He likes if you make pretend ‘growly’ noises during these games. He especially likes these games in the garden.

Ivan must have his own garden with direct access because that is what he lacks in his present home. He is most happy when in the garden, especially when he is with you. He likes to find a stick and bring it to you so you can wiggle it about for him. If you throw the stick (not too far) and if he sees where it goes then he’ll bring it back to you to continue the game. Ivan needs a cat flap to the garden so he can go out there whenever he wants. He tries to bring sticks in through the cat flap!

Having said all that, he will sleep for hours and hours just like any other cat, usually after breakfast. He likes to be near you when he sleeps, either in his own comfy ‘den’ or next to you on the sofa, and at night sometimes on the bed at your feet. But sometimes he likes somewhere quiet to sleep alone. He is used to somebody being at home with him and would be much too lonely if everyone was out all day. It would be easier for him to bond if he were not shut in a room all on his own and if he could sleep in somebody’s bedroom at night rather than being left alone. He loves people and wants to be around you. He is a very loving cat and he enjoys being loved. Ivan is a very gentle and non-aggressive cat. He doesn’t like it if you play rough with him. And he is not a cuddly lap cat although occasionally he will sit on your lap, and much more so when you are sitting relaxed in a garden chair outside. He likes to be stroked but not to be fussed too much or for too long. If you try to hold him he might only stay a few seconds because he is too lively to be restrained even though he is very loving and sweet. If you pick him up he’ll go on your back - he likes to ride on your back so you can walk around bent forward with him sitting on your back, or if you wear a backpack you can walk upright with him sitting on it and he might even get in it if it’s wide open and empty. But only at home or in the garden, you must never take him out in the street like this and you must use a proper strong cat carrier when taking him anywhere, as he gets scared. Ivan is very confident and happy, but can be a bit jumpy and nervous if he feels unsure. He needs to feel secure and loved and to be reminded that you love him when he is nervous of something. He does not like sudden loud noises, he hates football/loud music/dogs. He likes calm people, he wants to be the lively one. A football mad family taking over the garden would NOT be good.

Ivan is highly trainable and understands some words, especially the word ‘hungry’. When you want him to stop doing something he responds to certain chiding noises – then he stops and looks at you with a guilty face. He gets to learn what to stay away from or what not to do. He is very, very good. But he might be confused if everybody tells him off at once, and never shout at him or throw things!

Also, you NEVER need to force him to go where you want – just show him a treat and he’ll come willingly! He should keep the name Ivan because he knows his name and he totally responds to it.

Ivan is easy to feed. He likes mainly cat biscuits and he eats a few wet pouches. He has a variety of cat biscuits all mixed up together, so he gets some expensive types some medium price and a few cheaper ones. He is very lean and active so you MUST leave biscuits and water out constantly - no empty bowls as he prefers to eat frequent small amounts rather than to stuff himself. For treats he loves roast chicken, cheddar cheese, and goes mad for the stick type cat treats sold in strips at the supermarket. He likes tuna but too much salty food is not good, so he can have the water  rained from the can with a little of the tuna in it (other than tuna he is not keen on fish, not even prawns).

Ivan wants to be the only cat in the home and to get ALL the cat attention himself. But he does like to make his own cat friends and has fun playing with these other cats outside the home. He is not aggressive and he does not like to fight with other cats, but occasionally he comes home with a scratch on his ear or face etc - if he has tried to befriend the wrong cat!

If possible, Ivan would like one of those large indoor cat trees with platforms etc that he can play on or sleep in placed next to a window - but this is not essential – any cat would like it! At the very least he would like a normal scratching post. Place treats and catnip on it so he is encouraged to use it.

Ivan has very soft semi-long fur and needs grooming about once or twice a month. If you keep it up it should be fairly easy and there won’t be any lumps or matting. It is usually on his back legs, also a bit under his arms, on his bib, or sometimes around his neck. His lovely plumed tail never gets matted. You have to use a COMB and go DEEP because a brush can only smooth the top surface of the fur. He absolutely hates the grooming so it might take two of you to do it if you’re not brave. Wear long sleeves and put a blanket on your lap, be firm and in control but don’t hurt him. Grooming is necessary and you should not adopt him unless you are prepared for this. The grooming can be done just before the monthly flea treatment which he also hates. Give him a treat afterwards, he’ll be ok.

Ivan is a handsome cat but please do not adopt him solely based on his looks.

Ivan has no health problems. The only sickness he has had is about two years ago when he was bitten by a fox and it caused an infection that made him terribly ill, but he made a full recovery.

Ivan is very clean and has never made a mess inside the house and goes outside for his toilet. But he will need to be kept in at first until he bonds with his new family and he imprints onto his new home.

He does not like to be shut in so it will not be easy, but do NOT let him out too soon or he might get lost - wait until he seems perfectly content in his surroundings and he seems relaxed with the family.

During this time he will need two litter trays cleaned every day, he won’t like a dirty tray. As soon as he is able to go out he will abandon the trays and will no longer even want to use one - ever again.

NB - The point of rehoming him is to be the only cat / to get more play more often from more people who are more active like him yet quiet / and to have direct access to a quiet garden of his own. (His communal garden is shared by many neighbours and their dogs and kids playing football and it is too noisy). There is no point if you cannot provide these three essential things. Please note that presently Ivan is not deprived, he is well looked after, and he is far from unhappy, but he needs the right owners now otherwise it is just a wrench and disruption for no good reason! He does not need (another) sedate 50+ person/couple as he has already had plenty of that.



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  • Cat Name: IVAN
    Microchip number: 977200008397920 5/10/2012 (CONTACT PETtrac 0800 652 9977)
    Last Vaccination: 27/4/2017 (NEXT DUE APRIL 2018)
    Last Vet Check: 27/4/2017
    Maturity: ADULT 5 YEARS
    Colour: BROWN & WHITE (NO BLACK)
    Approx. Date of Birth: 30 JUNE 2012
    Gender: MALE
    Is the cat feral: NO
    Is the cat neutered: YES
    Is the cat microchipped: YES
    Is the cat vaccinated: YES
    Can live with cats: NO
    Can live with dogs: NEVER!
    Can live with a young family: YES (NOT TOO YOUNG)
    Can live with a mature family: YES (NOT TOO OLD)
    Indoor only cat: NO
    Requires outdoor access: YES (NEEDS CAT FLAP)