Thai lived with her owner in Tottenham for around five years from a kitten until July 2017 when her owner was rehoused and unable to keep pets in her new house. Her owner’s neighbour attempted to adopt Thai but her own cats chased Thai who went and lived in a tree at the bottom of the garden for a fortnight.
Thai needs to be in a household where she is the only pet and without young children as she is prone to the odd nip.
She can be very affectionate and loves to play with a shoe lace and toy mouse, but doesn’t like her body stroked much or to be brushed and won’t take to a scratching post (as our carpets testify – hopefully if she is sole cat somewhere she will lose this habit). She can manage a cat flap fine, though prefers the door opened for her.

She has a good appetite – that verges on a little greedy; the vet says she is asthmatic – she makes some very ‘old man wheezy’ noises but isn’t ill – the vet says she is in very good health and I had all her vaccinations brought up to date in August.


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  • Name: Thai
    Maturity: Adult
    Colour: Tabby
    Approx. Date of Birth: 2012
    Gender: female
    Breed: Unknown
    Is the cat feral: No
    Is the cat neutered: Yes
    Is the cat microchipped: Yes
    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes
    Can live with cats: No
    Can live with dogs: No
    Can live with a young family: No
    Can live with a mature family: Yes
    Indoor only cat: No
    Requires outdoor access: Yes