Khan is a DSH male cat about 2 or 3 years old? He is predominantly black with white in places. He has a very sweet nature and loves a tickle on his terms. He really needs to be on his own and is good with kids and needs to have a garden to run around in. He does use a litter tray and yowls to go out. I've had a vet check him for a microchip, and he hasn’t.

A good eater with both wet and dry food and will take a treat stick from your hand very well. He is quite a character and a big softie and a poser for photos. When you talk to him, like telling him off, it’s like his yowl sounds like No!

Khan loves being bathed once he gets used to you. He will protest at first but loves it. He’s a little wriggly when it comes to claw clipping but he’s fine.


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  • Name: KHAN

    Maturity: Adult/Kitten Adult


    Black and white

    Approx. Date of Birth: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Breed: Domestic Shorthair

    Is the cat feral: No

    Is the cat neutered: Yes

    Is the cat microchipped: No

    Is the cat vaccinated: No

    Can live with cats: Possible

    Can live with dogs: No

    Can live with a young family: Yes

    Can live with a mature family: Yes

    Indoor only cat:No

    Requires outdoor access: Yes