ginger 100 right size.jpg
ginger 100 right size.jpg



Ginger had his own kingdom in a car park but when they started building on the car park he had to be taken in. He is independent but when he feels like it, he is very affectionate. He likes to watch the world go by outside a window. He loves to play like a kitten with a piece of string and loves to be made a fuss of and stroked.

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  • Name: GINGER
    Maturity: Adult/Kitten ADULT
    Colour: GINGER
    Approx. Date of Birth: 2010
    Gender: MALE
    Breed: DSH
    Is the cat feral: NO
    Is the cat neutered: YES
    Is the cat microchipped: YES
    Is the cat vaccinated: YES
    Can live with cats: LIKES OLD FEMALES. NOT MALES
    Can live with dogs: NO
    Can live with a young family: NO
    Can live with a mature family: YES
    Indoor only cat: POSSIBLY
    Requires outdoor access: LIKES TO GO OUT FOR A FEW MINUTES