Bought as a kitten a few years ago. Very attention seeking, especially if they want food! Likes cuddles and not afraid to come up to you and rub her head on you and push you very sweetly. Loves being crazy and rolling her back and playing. Who knows why, but they're having fun! 😃An adorable cat to know. 

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  • Name: Raven

    Maturity: Adult

    Colour: Tabby and White

    Approx. Date of Birth: April 2014

    Gender: Female

    Breed: Tabby cat

    Is the cat feral: No

    Is the cat neutered: Yes

    Is the cat microchipped: No

    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

    Can live with cats: Yes

    Can live with dogs: Yes

    Can live with a young family: Yes

    Can live with a mature family:

    Indoor only cat: No. Although generally they are indoors 99% of the time, whenever I open the door onto the flat balcony they always seem to wander out and lie on the seats out there. 

    Requires outdoor access: Doesn't require outdoor access but would be lovely for them as they have always seemingly been intrigued.