Luna is a very shy cat. Bit jumpy, Don't really know why. But she does eventually warm to people and she may not at first come up to you for a cuddle but give it time to get to know you and she will. Likes to jump in boxes and be a nutter sometime though! I'd say she'd need a family or people that can give a bit more attention than usual.  

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  • Name: Luna

    Maturity: Adult

    Colour: White

    Approx. Date of Birth: August 2014

    Gender: Female

    Breed: DS/H

    Is the cat feral: No

    Is the cat neutered: Yes

    Is the cat microchipped: No

    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

    Can live with cats: Yes as she lives with another cat called Raven. 

    Can live with dogs: Unsure. She is a very shy cat. 

    Can live with a young family: Yes

    Can live with a mature family: Yes

    Indoor only cat: Mainly indoors but likes going outside whenever the door is open and either exploring or having a lie down.  

    Requires outdoor access: Doesn't require but would be a nice experience for her.