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I adopted Billy from a family who were living in a warehouse with other cats and dogs, and no access outside. Billy is the offspring of a brother and sister and was bullied by his father from birth. Generally he is a very smart and friendly cat that looks to sit on laps and will come to be petted daily. He is also a sensitive cat, who can become stressed and needs to be in a calm environment. He is a big cat and loves his food to the point where he will eat anything from broccoli to pain au chocolates. 

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  • Name: Billy

    Maturity: Adult

    Colour: Very dark brown

    Approx. Date of Birth: 2010

    Gender: Male

    Breed: Domestic short hair

    Is the cat feral: No

    Is the cat neutered: Yes

    Is the cat microchipped: No

    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

    Can live with cats: No

    Can live with dogs: No

    Can live with a young family: No

    Can live with a mature family: Yes

    Indoor only cat: No

    Requires outdoor access: Yes