Missy has been part of our family since she was a kitten.  
She likes company and loves to be stroked around the sides of her neck… but only when she chooses as she has always been timid.
She’s an indoor cat and is house trained just so long as there is plenty of clean litter in her tray.
She’s 16 years old so would therefore be more suited to a mature/elderly household  as energetic children will be too much for her.
We are reluctant to let her go but as our lives have become busier,  it’s not fair on her to be left on her own for such long periods of time.

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  • Name: Janice Frankham, my cat’s name is Missy
    Maturity: Adult/Kitten ADULT (15yrs old)
    Colour: Black with a white diamond on her chest
    Approx. Date of Birth: May 2002
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Don’t know
    Is the cat feral: No
    Is the cat neutered: Yes
    Is the cat microchipped: No
    Is the cat vaccinated: No
    Can live with cats: She has never been around other cats so not sure
    Can live with dogs: She has never been around dogs so not sure
    Can live with a young family: She is nervous and does not like people going to stroke her
    too quickly so maybe not
    Can live with a mature family: Yes
    Indoor only cat: Yes. She did go out when she was younger and she would still go out at
    night it I let her but she always brings mice back to play with.

    Requires outdoor access: No