Baby Fox


Baby Fox


Baby was found as a kitten whilst i worked in Nigeria.

She came over as a kitten stayed in quarantine for 6 months and has remained with my mum ever since. She has difficulties around strangers and despite well cared for is nervous.

She has a loud meow.

The microchip is for our last address..didn't think to change that..

She eats fish catfood only.

I would say she is a beautiful pussy cat but is nervous.

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Maturity: Adult


Approx. Date of Birth: SEPT 09

Gender: F

Breed: Domestic short hair

Is the cat feral:no

Is the cat neutered:y

Is the cat microchipped:y

Is the cat vaccinated:y

Can live with cats:n

Can live with dogs:n

Can live with a young family:n

Can live with a mature family:y

Indoor only cat:mainly

Requires outdoor access:goes out to eats grass only