Buddy is a loving and affectionate cat although for reasons unknown he is very nervous and will need time to trust someone.

This is not the result of any traumatic event but probably because he has been used to a single owner.

Once he comes out of his shell he will make someone a wonderful pet and was happy to sit on his late owner’s lap for hours. 

He can a fussy eater, and is not keen on wet cat food. However, he is very happy with tinned tuna and cooked chicken so may well like cat foods based on real meat. He will also eat most kinds of cat biscuits.

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Name: Buddy


Maturity: Adult/Kitten Adult


Colour: Tabby/White


Approx. Date of Birth: Mid 2012


Gender: Male


Breed: Domestic short hair


Is the cat feral: No


Is the cat neutered: Yes


Is the cat microchipped: Yes


Is the cat vaccinated: Yes but needs to be restarted on vaccinations, which we will get done


Can live with cats: Yes


Can live with dogs: Probably not as he has never had contact with a dog


Can live with a young family: Yes


Can live with a mature family: Yes


Indoor only cat: No, He loves going out and will stay out all night


Requires outdoor access: Yes