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Eugene was living as a stray after his owner died. He was fed by neighbours for about a year and we took him in when they became worried about him during the very cold weather. He is affectionate and likes to be with people though will let you know when he’s had enough attention.  He settled in really quickly and likes to sleep on the bed with my daughter. He gets on fine with our cats and is not aggressive at all. He is healthy and has a good appetite. The vet thinks he’s probably about 8 years old. 

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Name: Eugene

Maturity: Adult

Colour: tabby

Approx. Date of Birth: not known

Gender: male

Breed: domestic short hair

Is the cat feral: no

Is the cat neutered: yes

Is the cat microchipped: no

Is the cat vaccinated: yes

Can live with cats: yes

Can live with dogs: not known

Can live with a young family: no

Can live with a mature family: yes

Indoor only cat: no

Requires outdoor access: yes though he likes being indoors quite a lot