George is a stray cat from the neighbourhood and started showing up at our address for food approximately 2 months ago. George is a large cat with a healthy appetite and good character with humans.

He would come into our home through the cat flap and sleep in our hallway and we would struggle to get him to leave.

After a period of time George became a regular member of our household. 

As cat owners already, we decided to adopt George and to this effect got him microchipped, neutered and checked for FIV. Unfortunately, his FIV test results came back positive and we had to make the decision to get him re-homed to protect our other cats who are all FIV negative. 

He likes to spend most of his day sleeping on our bed or on our bedroom window seal. He is not scared of humans and will come for petting when comfortable which indicate us that he would be a good candidate for adoption as long as there are no other cats in the household (or with other FIV + cats).


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  • Name : George 


    Maturity : Approximately 4 years old 


    Colour : white with tabby patches and a tabby tail


    Gender : Male 


    Breed : Domestic short hair 


    George is more stray then feral 


    George has been neutered 


    George has been Microchip by us


    George is not vaccinated at present 


    George is FIV positive  and can not live with other cats has to be homed by himself or with other FIV cats 


    We do not know how George will react with dogs


    George will be suited to a mature family 


    Due to George FIV status he should stay inside , unless in an enclosed garden.


    George is fully litter trained