Hydra & Nix (sisters)


Hydra & Nix (sisters)


Nix and Hydra are sisters we adopted a little over a year ago (2017) and have been living with us with two young boys (11 and 8).  Both have a very quiet disposition, enjoy the outdoors and are calm mature cats.   Both have gotten along fine with children of all ages.  The previous owners had a dog and while Hydra was fine with dogs, Nix was not and left home, seeking refuge at a neighbours.  This was part of the reason they were put up for adoption at the time.  Both enjoy going outside, but do not venture from the property’s garden.  They stay close to home and enjoy having the freedom to go in and our as needed.  Hydra, in particular, is able to open the front door if left unlatched.

Hydra has a more dominant personality, very independent.  She is a “one person cat”.  She took to our eldest son and follows him everywhere, much like a dog and they are inseparable. However, she doesn’t need or seek affection from anyone else.  She is much more reserved and skittish around anyone not her chosen master.  She has had no health issues while under our care.

Nix is the less dominant of the sisters.   However, she is also the most affectionate, in need of frequent attention.  She is much more social with everyone, though more timid with her sister and other cats.  She adores being brushed and scratched.  She is does, however, have flea dermatitis, which surfaced shortly after she came to us.  She must be regularly treated for fleas to avoid a rather severe reaction and itching.

Their current vet is Sinead Clancy at Pawsquad https://www.pawsquad.com/home-visit/london/sinead-clancy and she has been wonderful with them.

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Name: Nix and Hydra (sisters)

Maturity: Adult (7 years old)

Colour:  Tabby

Approx. Date of Birth:  Sept 2011

Gender:  Females

Breed:  Shorthair tabby

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Yes

Is the cat vaccinated:  Yes (1 year booster due 2019)

Can live with cats: Yes

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with a young family: Yes

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Yes