Kelly & Katie


Kelly & Katie


Katie & Kelly are a pair of elderly ladies (possibly sisters, possibly mother/daughter) who seek their final retirement home after their owner had to give them up due to health problems. We estimate their age at around 15. Katie loves to sleep on the bed, all day and all night, whereas Kelly visits the bed, but really likes her cat bed too. 

They're both softies, and like a stroke. Similar to many elderly cats, they're pretty chatty when awake, but it’s usually because they're trying to tell you something - mainly that they want some fresh food please and thank you, that food from an hour ago is no longer as yummy! Katie has barely any teeth left, so although she'll sometimes eat biscuits, like Kelly, her sister, she prefers wet food, especially the jelly! They need feeding little and often, and an auto-feeder is perfect for this (especially through the night). They also need fresh water.

Both ladies are litter trained, however due to her age, Kelly occasionally gets confused, when she will leave little puddles so we are leaving out an extra litter tray to help with this. She has a urinary infection, which we are in the process of having vet-treated and believe this will help with her toileting problems.

As they sleep so much, they can be left alone if you work. They are very affectionate cats, really enjoy human company and love to sit close by when their fosterer is at home. 

They're super sweet, and have hilarious little grumpy faces. They're a wonderful duo if you want some company, and don't mind that little bit of extra effort that caring for the elderly can bring. They make their fosterer laugh a lot, and really deserve a happy little retirement home where they can spend the rest of their days.

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Name: Kelly & Katie

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Tortie & white; Grey/blue and pale ginger

Approx. Date of Birth: estimated at 2003

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic short hair but possible British Shorthair cross

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Will be

Is the cat vaccinated: Not recently due to age

Can live with cats: Yes

Can live with dogs: Unknown

Can live with a young family: No

Can live with a mature family: Possibly

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Not necessarily

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