Marmalade is a very handsome ginger and white cat.

Marmie (as he likes to be called)  came to me in February after being 'rescued' from his previous owners, who had treated him very badly.

He is very affectionate, sits on my lap and purrs. Follows me round the house and sits beside me when I sit down. 

He is still sometimes nervous and 'jumpy' but responds well to TLC. I am proud of the change in him in a short time.

He loves to be out in the garden or sit on a windowsill watching the world go by. A garden is a must.

He has many varied and unusual sounds when we 'talk' to each other, he loves to put out his soft paw in greeting.

Marmie has come on leaps and bounds but as and my mobility is decreasing I find I am  less able to handle his playful bits and nips.

I live on my own and he is great company and very amusing.

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Name: Marmalade

Maturity: Adult/Kitten    Adult

Colour: Ginger & white

Approx. Date of Birth: 2015?

Gender: Male

Breed: ?

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Yes

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: Not sure

Can live with dogs: Not sure

Can live with a young family: Teenagers and above

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Yes