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Merry was found as part of a group of unneutered cats. Our plan was to trap, neuter and return them all, this is why his left ear has been “tipped” (to identify neutered cats). However, Merry was found to be the most adorable, friendly boy and we felt he deserved to find a forever home. He constantly head butts and almost pushes you over with affection. He is a little wary of quick movements but once he recognises you he craves affection. He is a healthy, robust cat and we hope that his slight ear tipping will not distract from his good looks! This minor imperfection is more than made up for by the affection he will give you! Even in the vets all he wants is strokes and fuss. Please will you give him his forever home?

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  • Name: Merry

    Maturity: Adult

    Colour: Black and white

    Approx. Date of Birth: Approx 3-4 years

    Gender: Male

    Breed: Domestic short hair

    Is the cat feral: No

    Is the cat neutered: Yes

    Is the cat microchipped: Yes    

    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

    Can live with cats: Possibly with slow introduction, a little shy

    Can live with dogs: Not known

    Can live with a young family: No

    Can live with a mature family: Yes

    Indoor only cat: Merry is FIV positive, and it is preferable he lives a mainly indoor life to reduce the risk of infection to him from outside sources. For more about FIV please see the following link -

    Requires outdoor access: Could be allowed outdoor access only if fully settled and within an enclosed garden or sitting on a lap on a sunny afternoon!