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Mishmish is a very energetic and active cat. He’s around 10 weeks old and is very curious. From the moment he came to our house he was intent on exploring every room and bit of our house and would pop up unexpectedly from random places. He is very comfortable and happy around people, with no incidents involving biting or scratching. He likes to be picked up and held when he is tired and often goes to sleep in my grandma’s lap when he is tired. He doesn’t require constant attention however and is happy with amusing himself whilst you are busy. He is very independent and likes to do his own thing. 

His current schedule is tied into my own – he wakes around 6, plays till around 10. He then sleeps till 2/3 and then is awake till 5, when he has another nap till 7. He then goes sleep around 11 and rarely wakes up in the night. He eats around the same time as me – 8am, 2pm and 8pm - but we leave dried food out for him all the time so he can eat when he wants. He currently eats both wet and dry food. For wet food he likes Asda brand tiger food and dry food he likes whiskas or gocat. As a treat he likes Asda brand salmon flavoured sticks which he goes crazy for. He is fully litter trained, the only incident he has had is when a vacuum cleaner turned on where he was and he panicked. 

He likes to stare at the birds/people/anything out of the window. He is reluctant to go outside into the garden unless someone else is with him and requires constant reassurance he is not alone when outside. When he is outside, he is obsessed with grass and chasing leaves, also chasing flies. He is very energetic and after waking up wants to play for a while. His favourite games involve catching stuff and chasing things. He is a lovely cat and would make a great addition to any home.

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Name: MishMish – means apricot in Arabic

Maturity: Kitten

Colour: Ginger tabby with white

Approx. Date of Birth: May 2018

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic short hair

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: No
Is the cat microchipped: No

Is the cat vaccinated: No – vet advised to do it at 12 weeks old

Can live with cats: not sure

Can live with dogs: not sure

Can live with a young family: yes – we have several young children who have been in or house recently and they played with him no problem.

Can live with a mature family: yes – he was very comfortable around the whole family. We have 4 adults in this house and he was quite happy and comfortable around everyone, especially my grandma who he liked to be with.

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Some – we usually take him out for half hour every day into our garden – he is very interested in grass and chasing leaves.