molly cat
molly cat



I got Molly from a rescue centre in April 2007, they said she was 3 years old. She was quite timid and took a little while to settle in, not helped by an existing cats jealousy of her.

Molly isa very loving cat whose favourite things are cuddling and being brushed. She enjoys pottering in the garden and does not stray from it anymore. She loves attention and company. She has the cutest little miaow. Molly is no longer very active and loves to relax in the house preferably with company.

Molly developed diabetes a number of years ago shortly after having pancreatitis and requires insulin twice daily, she accepts the injections without any problem. I got her an insulin pen to make it easier for anyone else doing her injections. Her condition is stable and the vet sees her every 3-4 months to check her sugar levels. Molly also has colitis which does not respond to treatment. Despite her illnesses she is a happy little cat and would not mind being the only cat in the household I think. She would love to be the centre of attention and be treated as the princess she deserves.


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  • Name: Molly

    Maturity: Adult/KittenAdult

    Colour:    black

    Approx. Date of Birth: 2004

    Gender: female

    Breed: domestic short hair

    Is the cat feral: no

    Is the cat neutered:  yes

    Is the cat microchipped:  yes

    Is the cat vaccinated:  yes

    Can live with cats:  yes

    Can live with dogs:  don’t know

    Can live with a young family: don’t know

    Can live with a mature family:  yes

    Indoor only cat:  no

    Requires outdoor access:  yes she is used to it.