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Oscar 20_sq_adj.jpg
Oscar on Bed 25May18 O_sq.jpg
Oscar front sitting in cage 2017-11-29_sq.jpg



Oscar came to us in December 2017 suffering from a fractured pelvis.  He was found near Victoria Park and is presumed to have been hit by a car.  We have not been able to find his owners.  He has made a full recovery following 6 weeks caged healing where he received plenty of love and attention.  Although in pain, he was always desperate to leave the cage and chose cuddles and our laps over food.  

Oscar is now fully healed and full of life.  He is very dog-like in character and has become extremely attached to my lap, where he will curl up and purr himself away to sleep. He is also very fond of curling up right next to me to sleep every night. He has basically claimed me as his owner, and follows me everywhere.

Oscar is a large cat, quite majestic in fact, and is hence very strong.  Like most cats he will jump if startled and we do not advise sneaking up on him.  However we have had no issues picking him up and he seems fine with being held.  We do not feel he is well suited to young children and will need a fairly quiet home.

He is a ravenous eater and (unlike most cats) is not fussy when it comes to food. He seems to like everything we put in front of him. He's also quite fond of treats, and is very gentle when taking them from our hands.

We would very much love to keep Oscar, and we know he would very much love to stay.  However we feel Oscar needs outdoor space, and a home where he is the sole cat.  He is most definitely alpha in nature, and whilst he seems unbothered by our other cats, they are not bonding well.

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Name: Oscar

Maturity: Adult/Kitten Adult (2 years)

Colour: Black & White (Tuxedo)

Approx. Date of Birth: 2015

Gender: Male

Breed: Moggy

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Yes

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: Maybe, if all cats are outdoor cats, but if indoor probably not.
Can live with dogs: Unknown

Can live with a young family:  Possibly not good with very young children/toddlers (under 5 years)

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Maybe/Possibly