Owner is moving out of country so Lola (male) needs a new home.

He is 4 years old, neutered, with chip and all vaccines.
Has a heart condition and needs a tablet every day.

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Cats name:Pepe
Colour:black and white
Date of birth:March 2013
Breed:Felix cat
Is the cat feral: no
Can live with other cats:don't know.he has been always alone at home.
Can live with dogs: I don't think so.
Can live with a young family:yes.i have a baby.
Indoor only cat:we live in a flat but we let him go outside for a while everyday..
Requires outdoor access:he is used to go out a bit everyday.
Brief history of the cat:someone gave him to me when he was one month old and since then he has been with us in our small flat.first it was me and my partner and 2 years ago we had a baby and although it was a bit weird for him after a while he was fine with her.
He sleeps during the day while he is alone in the flat and he go out a bit in the evening when we are back.he likes to eat soft food as well as the dried one.we give him just a bit everyday.
He has a heart condition and he need 2 tablets everyday day.and he can have a normal life.
He has check up wit the vet every year and he is fine.
He likes to play with you and he is very loving.