Pepe (requires quiet home)


Pepe (requires quiet home)


Pepe was put into foster care when his owners left the country. He has lived with a small child and there were no issues. He has a heart condition, which is not problematic, but does require yearly check ups and a daily pill (which he eats with his food no problem!) 

He is best placed in a home with safe outdoor access, as he is a large cat and needs exercise. Whilst he is friendly once he knows you, he gets jumpy and insecure around strangers and so does need to live in a quiet, consistent daily environment. A busy home with lots of different people coming and going would not work for him.  

Pepe is a very loving cat once he gets to know you and loves to climb onto his human, and stretch out for naps and cuddles. He buries his head under your chin, snuggles into your neck and falls asleep purring. He is also very playful and enjoys games, little balls, bits of string, scrunched up paper etc. 

Overall, he is a wonderful companion and has been a much loved member of our household in the time that we’ve fostered him. If I lived in a home that had safe outdoor access, I would adopt him myself without a second’s thought! 

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Cats name:Pepe
Colour:black and white
Date of birth:March 2013
Breed:Felix cat
Is the cat feral: no
Can live with other cats:don't know.he has been always alone at home.
Can live with dogs: I don't think so.
Can live with a young family:yes.i have a baby.
Indoor only cat:we live in a flat but we let him go outside for a while everyday..
Requires outdoor access: he is used to go out a bit everyday.