We got Pepper from a neighbour & were told Pepper was female, at least 8 weeks old. He was neither! 

We estimate he was only 6 weeks old as he had not yet learnt to properly clean himself, & needed a small hot water bottle to sleep with. We believe that being taken away from his mother so early caused him to have erratic behaviour, plus the area we lived in had a lot of male cats who were extremely dominant & he was definitely bullied quite a lot as a kitten. This meant he would bite & have mad moments, but was also exceptionally loving & could never get enough love or attention (once he had used up his frantic energy). 

In his old age, he no longer bites or goes mad at all. He mostly sleeps, eats & goes outside, ignoring most that happens around him. He ignores small children (no risk of biting or scratching anymore, he just doesn't have the energy) but is always happy to receive gentle, loving attention from anyone. 

He is however extremely rude! Unfortunately, he has developed an over-active thyroid, which means when he's hungry, he's extremely grumpy about it  & his meow has turned into a demanding shout. He is quite an amusing cat with lots of character, ultimately he just wants to eat & be cuddled.

Pepper  likes to eat when we eat & has a strange obsession for eating anything in the cucumber & melon family!

He is currently on 20mg of Carbimazole (Vidalta) per day.

As he has got older, he needs to be let in & out a lot (our glass doors do not allow for a cat flap) & needs to be fed very frequently -  little & often. He would be happier living without our young dog. He would be most happy living with someone who could give him lots of love & attention - ideally someone with a garden. (Charlie - owner)

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  • Name: Pepper
  • Maturity: Adult
  • Colour: Black 
  • Approx. Date of Birth: Jan 2001
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Unknown 
  • Is the cat feral: no
  • Is the cat neutered: yes
  • Is the cat microchipped: yes
  • Is the cat vaccinated: yes
  • Can live with cats: no experience of living with other cats
  • Can live with dogs: has lived with our dog however he is still nervous of new dogs. He would probably get used to a dog that is comfortable living with cats fairly quickly.
  • Can live with a young family: yes
  • Can live with a mature family: yes
  • Indoor only cat: no
  • Requires outdoor access: yes