Zen Master Rambo

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Zen Master Rambo


Zen Master Rambo is an elegant blue/black panther who sits around striking sultry poses, but will leap into kittenishly innocent play if you throw a ball at him.

Very good little footballer but makes an even better goalie! Whilst he'd be an excellent companion to an elderly person, his incredible patience would make him adaptable to almost any situation, as he puts up with being swiped, growled and hissed at by other cats without any retaliation. He doesn't run away or get remotely scared, but simply stands calmly waiting for it to end. And eventually the other cat gives up!

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He loves company, especially human. His purr, when he sits on your lap or chest is so loud and chirrupy I sometimes I can't hear my phone.

He loves to get on your lap but doesn't harass you about it, and will only try to if he sees you don’t have a computer or book on it. He is not a solitary cat, but neither is he remotely needy or demanding. He sleeps a lot so would be fine with someone who works during the day, especially if they have a cat flap. He doesn’t roam far at all and makes no effort to leave the garden. He prefers to go to the loo outdoors but is neat and tidy, barely kicking up any litter when indoors. He has been indoors at his current fosterer's for 7 weeks and enjoys sitting in the sun on the balcony but makes no attempt to dart out the front door.

He is fine with other cats and has been fostered by two different fosterers with rather territorial girl cats, and in both cases he never rose to the challenge of the constant hissing, swiping and growling.

He just sits elegantly poised, waiting for the aggressive cat to get bored and go away. He is a lovely cat with a very good nature. Sometimes loses his manners at the dinner table though! Whilst not a messy eater he certainly can be a pushy one. He doesn’t try and steal from other cats' bowls but may knock the tin out of your hand as he's purring and headbutting you so eagerly for food.

Given how much he loves company but is very undemanding about it, never begging to be stroked but ecstatically happy if he is, he would make an excellent companion to any human or to a lonely cat perhaps.

He has been moved around rather a bit following the death of the elderly man who first took the kitten in as a stray. He seems to really just want to belong to someone, and be allowed to sit beside or on top of a human in peace, without any fits of jealousy from other cats. He doesn't compete for the lap but just pads off sadly to sit downstairs as soon as he receives a hiss from the jealous cat. But he actively tries to play with and befriend other cats, even in the face of their rejection. Rambo is a seriously peaceful, friendly and easygoing little Zen Master.


Name: Zen Master Rambo

Maturity: Adult

Colour: black

Approx. Date of Birth: 2012


Breed: none

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Yes

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: Yes

Can live with dogs: Probably

Can live with a young family: Not really

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: Preferably not. But he'd be ok with it as long as there's a patch of sun to lie in! 

Requires outdoor access: Yes. Loves to sit in the garden or on balcony, but is not an active explorer.