Ron is a gentle giant. He was quite nervous when he arrived, and took a few days to settle in. Once he had, we discovered what a friendly, relaxed boy he is who likes nothing more than curling up on the sofa next to you. 

Ron is nervous of men but would probably adapt to a house with a man, given a little time. 

He is a very chatty boy and will always be delighted to see you, and will greet you in the morning and when you come home. He loves to be with people- and he will follow you around the house until you sit down with him. 

Ron is a very easy, calm, lovely boy and will be a joy to adopt. We will be very sorry to see him go. 

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Name:     Ron

Maturity: Adult

Colour:        Ginger        

Approx. Date of Birth:            

Gender:    Male        


Is the cat feral:    No        

Is the cat neutered:    Yes        

Is the cat microchipped:        Yes

Is the cat vaccinated:     Yes    

Can live with cats:        Not sure    

Can live with dogs:        No

Can live with a young family:        No

Can live with a mature family:    Yes

Indoor only cat:    Not sure        

Requires outdoor access:    I think he would be fine either way (depending if he was an indoor cat anyway)