Shamier (gentle, abused, hates other cats)


Shamier (gentle, abused, hates other cats)


Thrown out on the street at around 6 months old and had to rely and fend for herself.

An older lady nearby fed her one meal a day, which was not enough as she was growing and she was severely underweight, filthy dirty and her claws had got so long they were growing into her pads. She has been shouted at right in her face, as she is scared of people’s faces.
She has been beaten and abused but is settling down. She hates other cats as she has had o survive out on the street, this is quite common. She has refused to go out in the garden, instead she goes out in a cage, this is likely to avoid the other cats. She would like a garden that would make her feel safe, that she can come in and out and not be afraid she will be
shut out. She is a gentle soul, full of love and affection and has starved of it. She is waiting for her forever home where she will be loved, treasured, treated with love and affection and spoilt as she deserves it after what she has been put through.

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  • Please answer these questions where possible:
    Name: Shamier
    Maturity: Adult/Kitten Approx. 2 1/2
    Colour: Black with tiny white patch on chest
    Approx. Date of Birth: Approx. Feb 2015
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Short haired black.
    Is the cat feral: No
    Is the cat neutered: As far as is known
    Is the cat microchipped: Yes
    Is the cat vaccinated: Yes
    Can live with cats: no way
    Can live with dogs: Very doubtful
    Can live with a young family: Age 6 years and up
    Can live with a mature family: Yes
    Indoor only cat: No

    Requires outdoor access: Yes