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Sprocket is a calm, relaxed and slightly timid cat. She likes a quiet environment with not too many changes or faces. She’s not extremely trusting of strangers but does warm to new people after she gets to know them. She’s a very elegant and beautiful cat, with long black fur and extremely hygienic too! She is the kind of cat that will spend the day on the sofa sleeping, venture around the house for a walk and then relax again. Sprocket needs an understanding owner who is willing to give her the time and patience she needs to open up and trust them.

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Name: Sprocket    

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Black

Approx. Date of Birth: 4/4/2009

Gender: female

Breed: domestic long hair

Is the cat feral: no

Is the cat neutered: yes

Is the cat microchipped: yes

Is the cat vaccinated: yes

Can live with cats: no

Can live with dogs: no

Can live with a young family: no

Can live with a mature family: no

Indoor only cat: yes

Requires outdoor access: no