Tabitha had a difficult start. She was abandoned when her owner was evicted and discovered by workmen who gave her food and water, but she escaped to a roof and was not found for about 10 days even though food and water were being left out for her.

When she arrived at her foster home she was a very thin, timid little cat. At first she ate very little and hid under a chair, and a blanket, but has gradually emerged and with some gentle care has begun to eat properly and learn to play. She is putting on weight and becoming bolder and playful, though remains cautious and hides behind the sofa or under the blanket.

She is very clean and uses a litter tray.

Tabitha needs someone who will give her patience and care so she can learn to trust again.

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Name: Tabitha

Maturity: Adult - about 1 Year old

Colour: Grey and white tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Gender : Female

Is cat feral: No

Is cat neutered: Yes. 25 September 2018

Is cat Microchipped: Yes 

Is cat Vaccinated : Yes

Can live with other cats: Not known

Can live with dogs: Not known 

Can live with young family: Not advisable

Can live with mature family: Yes,  though preferably with one person or a couple

Indoor cat only:  No

Requires outdoor access: Yes, she would probably like to go out