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Tallulah is a very friendly and playful cat. She was shy when she first arrived- though this lasted no more than an hour before she was on the sofa demanding strokes! She loves human attention and will happily sit by you on the sofa for hours purring. 

Tallulah also loves to play, and spends lots of time chasing balls/string around the living room and will happily play on her own. As she is very playful I think she would need time both inside and out to use up her energy.


Tallulah loves people and will greet you enthusiastically when you get up in the morning and when you come home from work, she really is a wonderful little cat.


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Name:  Tallulah

Maturity: ADULT


Approx. Date of Birth:            6 SEPTEMBER 2017

Gender:                FEMALE

Breed:                    DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR

Is the cat feral:            NO

Is the cat neutered:            YES

Is the cat microchipped:        YES

Is the cat vaccinated:            YES

Can live with cats:            NO

Can live with dogs:            NO

Can live with a young family:       Maybe- she is playful so very young children might not   be suitable as they may get the occasional scratch

Can live with a mature family:    YES

Indoor only cat:            NO

Requires outdoor access:        Preferably