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Ziggy is a beautiful friendly but timid cat.  He takes his time to get to know people but once he does he loves love and cuddles.  Each night he’ll sit next to me (the female of the household) then when I go to bed he’ll sit next to my husband.  He loves to be near and next to people he feels comfortable with.  He thrives in a quiet environment with slow movements and not too much noise.  He feels on edge if there’s energetic children or workmen in the house.  He loves his food and often reminds us when it’s meal time.  He has a cute little snore occasionally when he sleeps.  In the mornings he has a routine of having his breakfast (Royal Canin biscuits) then pops outside to do his business then enjoys the sunshine and absorbs the morning air then comes back inside to sleep, he sleeps for most of the day until around 4pm, he has a bit of a play with his scratch post then has dinner and maybe another play in the garden then back inside to sleep for the night.

Ziggy is a beautiful cat and we are so sad to have to give him up but 3 house moves in the next 4 months followed by a 26 hour plane journey to Sydney doesn’t feel like the right plan for him.  A quiet-ish, loving and caring home feels much better for him.

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Name: Ziggy

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Tabby black/white – beautiful tuxedo style markings

Approx. Date of Birth: January 2007

Gender: Male

Breed: Tabby

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: No

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: Ideally no

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with a young family: Yes (although he’s quite timid so he prefers a quieter home)

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: Indoor and outdoor

Requires outdoor access: Ideally yes