Zsa Zsa (newly diagnosed diabetic) (friendly, clean)


Zsa Zsa (newly diagnosed diabetic) (friendly, clean)


Zsa Zsa was being fed as a stray in, then rehomed to someone who could no longer keep her and she was signed over to FFL.

Zsa Zsa is a newly diagnosed diabetic cat, which means she needs an insulin injection twice a day – every 12 hours (though a 2 hour lee way either side is fine). Zsa Zsa tolerates her injections very well and doesn’t react, or care about them!

She is a friendly and clean cat, with saucer like eyes, she gazes at you with, then she decides to rub round your legs, purring.

Being diabetic means her whereabouts must be known when her injections are due, so, an indoor home would be preferable, though not essential.

Many charities will not accept diabetic cats for rehoming as looking after a diabetic cat needs commitment but is rewarding.

There is a chance Zsa Zsa's diabetes will resolve – it sometimes does, as the can recover.

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Name: Zsa Zsa
Maturity: Adult
Colour: black

Approx. Date of birth 2009 Gender: female and neutered Breed: domestic short hair
Is the cat feral: no

Is the cat neutered: yes
Is the cat microchipped: yes
Is the cat vaccinated: no
Can live with cats: unknown, but probably as is a calm cat Can live with dogs: unknown but probably as is a calm cat Can live with a young family: probably
Can live with a mature family: yes
Indoor only cat: preferably

Requires outdoor access: not necessarily