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Beatrix is the absolute joy of our household and hearts! She is the chattiest, softest, most loving of cats and desires a permanent, mature and adoring retirement home. Beatrix is very socially confident and will warm up to human visitors quite quickly, and absolutely loves - and demands - attention. She trills, purrs, sticks her tongue out, paws at you and nudges her sweet face under your hands when she's ready to have a chat and a cuddle - or she'll help herself right onto your lap, laptop or book if she thinks it'll help! We are very bonded, and Beatrixoften follows me around the house, keeps me company when I'm working at home, and sleeps with me each night. She is truly a cat who gives her whole heart and deserves that in return. 

I am heartbroken to leave her, but she is too elderly to relocate overseas and I am hoping to find a perfect home for her as soon as possible to love her in my stead.

I adopted Bea from Battersea Cats Home at age 10, and have had her for about 7 years, so we believe she is about 16/17 years old. She is an indoor cat. We know she is very nervous of other cats and frightened stiff by dogs, so Bea truly needs a home where she's the only pet, and a household with stable adults who are around and keen to give/receive cat cuddles. Bea would not do well in a household where people work constantly and she is alone - she loves chats, attention and company too much! She'll happily greet you when you come home and stay with you when you're there.

In her older years, Bea has developed typical geriatric health issues, and she takes a blood pressure tablet and Thyronorm for hyperthyroidism, which I hide in her food daily without fuss. I'm happy to discuss this health/medicine need with a prospective new home. As an indoor cat, she needs her nails to be trimmed monthly to avoid harming herself when she's grooming. Beatrix always makes her way to her litter box, but in her older years we think she might have a touch of senility because she does occasionally hop out before she's finished her poos - sometimes because she's so excited to have a victory lap (which is hilarious), that it means I have to pick up afterwards a couple of times a month. This is something a new carer would have to be prepared for. She absolutely never makes an intentional mess and on balance, it's a small issue for us compared to the hilarity and love she gives.   

She's quite simply the loveliest cat you could ever wish for and a new home that is committed to loving and caring for her in her golden years is my top priority. 

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Name: Beatrix

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Black and white

Approx. Date of Birth: 2002/2003 She is roughly 16/17

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic short hair

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: Yes

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: No

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with a young family: No

Can live with a mature family: Maybe/yes

Indoor only cat: Yes

Requires outdoor access: No