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Mercy is a relatively small, young and strikingly beautiful black and white cat who has a very sweet face. She is shy but kind natured and came to us as a brilliant mother looking after her four kittens. The kittens have since been rehomed, and Mercy is now looking for someone to look after her and give her a forever home. She will thrive best in a relatively quiet home and will need patience and plenty of attention from her new owners in order to continue bringing her out of her shell. She is very adept at using her litter tray and will interact with you most when food is involved! She does have a tendency to go for the quieter spots in the house, but most of the time is happy to let you approach her and give her the attention she has so clearly been starved of in her short life. She has an inquisitive nature, is rather talkative and likes to make sure she is in the same room as people, so she doesn’t miss out on the action! It takes her a little while to get used to new situations, but any new owner who is prepared to provide her with plenty of love will be greatly rewarded by her sweet personality.

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Name: Mercy

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Black and white

Approx. Date of Birth: Approx. 18-24 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic short hair

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Not yet, but will be very soon

Is the cat microchipped: Will be when neutered

Is the cat vaccinated: In the process of being fully vaccinated

Can live with cats: Not tested, but was a very good mum to her kittens

Can live with dogs: Not tested

Can live with a young family: Would rather not be fussed over by young children

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: No

Requires outdoor access: Yes