Mylo has bags of character, he mostly stays indoors, but occasionally sits out on our balcony and watches people walk past our flat.

He will meow when he wants to get our attention and when he comes over for strokes.

He sleeps a lot and loves to find a quiet place (bathroom/next to front door) to really relax. But he also often likes to sleep next to us so he will join us on the sofa/bed or curl up on the floor near to us. He loves to be stroked on his forehead when he comes over to say hello. He also likes to rub up against our hands.

Mylo can be a little jumpy at times with loud noises, rustling plastic or foil and the hoover. We try not to make any noises around him to startle. We also make sure he is in another room when the hoover comes out. He also is not very keen on people touching his stomach, feet or being picked up. As children are quite noisy he will generally avoid them by finding a quiet corner.

For food, Mylo loves Salmon flavoured Purina dry food. We top up his bowl in the morning and evening and give him plenty of fresh water. He also loves tuna and ham.

A note to add: Mylo takes medication to stop him having seizures (which he used to suffer from once every couple of months or so) The medication he takes to stop this is called Phenoleptil and he takes 1 tablet a day with some tuna, ham or chicken.

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Name: Mylo

Maturity: Adult

Colour: Black with White

Approx. Date of Birth: 05/05/2010

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Is the cat feral: No

Is the cat neutered: Yes

Is the cat microchipped: No

Is the cat vaccinated: Yes

Can live with cats: No

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with a young family: No

Can live with a mature family: Yes

Indoor only cat: Yes

Requires outdoor access: No