Feline Friends London was founded in July 2013 with the aim of offering sanctuary to cats at risk of unnecessary euthanasia & to help cats in need in Hackney.

Since then FFL has grown into a network of experienced cat rescuers & veterinary & other professionals. The scope of the charity now encompasses all of London and we have volunteers and fosterers in most boroughs, including those areas with large stray & feral populations and where the need for help appears to be greatest.

FFL has a non-euthanasia policy & aims to help feral, stray & unwanted cats have a second chance. We do this by rescuing, vet treating, fostering & socialising cats & kittens, including those that have chronic health conditions & behavioural problems.

We help elderly & disabled people who benefit from pet ownership, work together with local authorities, social services, the NHS, the police, the RSPCA, vet practices & other animal charities to promote neutering & good cat welfare.

We do not encourage breeding but if people do breed pedigree cats we feel it is important that they are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - www.gccfcats.org - & adhere to their ethical standards, which place welfare before breeding.

We are all volunteers & rely entirely on donations to vet check, provide treatment, neutering & foster care for the cats & kittens in our care until we find them a permanent home. Every penny donated to us goes on the care of our foster cats and cats who need our help.

Feline Friends London also works closely with LB Hackney, helping them win the RSPCA’s Innovator’s Award in 2014 for work with cats in the borough, and is an Animal Partner of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. We are grateful to the RSPCA & the administrators of C4 for allowing us to use the C4 neutering scheme for cats.

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Feline Friends London is dedicated to Caspar (October 2011 - 21 March 2016), the little black cat who, along with Peter, the ginger tabby, is one of the original Feline Friends.