Feline Friends London is entirely volunteer run & we always welcome new volunteers, who are essential to our work helping cats find homes.

As we do not have a rescue centre we cannot offer volunteer work in a cattery setting. However, we do need volunteers to help cats in other ways:

Trappers - so we can trap & neuter feral cats or ensure injured or sick feral or timid cats are seen by a vet.

Drivers - who are available to collect & take cats to vets, to other rescue centres for rehoming, to farms & stables for relocating or to accompany trappers on a trapping assignment.

Overnighting - of trapped cats in a pen before taking them to a vet the next day for neutering or treatment.

Home Visitors - who are available to visit prospective homes to make sure they are appropriate for our cats.

Fundraisers - to help raise money to help us care for our cats.

Speakers - to promote cat welfare & responsible ownership through participation in events & community engagement projects.

Administrative Support - including responding to emails, helping with emailouts & record keeping.

Publicity - through distribution of leaflets, email, social media, contacting other agencies (including local authority animal wardens, libraries, social services, community groups) & helping at events.

Storage - people who can offer storage facilities for food & equipment.

Borough Representative - as contact & liaison for each London borough.

Contacts for ‘Marnie’s Feast’ - Marnie’s Feast is named after one of rescue cats and is a London-wide initiative, securing drop-off points & appealing for food donations for people feeding stray & feral cats and those people struggling to feed their own cats.