Fostering is one of the most vital roles for any animal rescue charity as it enables an animal to have a place of care & sanctuary while they wait for the right loving home.

Feline Friends London does not have a rescue centre & therefore good, reliable fosterers are essential to our work, enabling us to take in abandoned, stray & unwanted cats & kittens, including pregnant or nursing mothers who would otherwise be vulnerable on the streets struggling to survive or even at risk of being euthanized.

Fostering can be short or long term & is a fun, pleasurable & rewarding experience, particularly when a fosterer sees a timid or frightened cat begin to open up & learn to trust under their care.

We ask that our foster cats are provided a secure, calm indoor home where they are not at risk of escaping, going missing or contracting an illness through contact with another cat & where there are no hazards or sources of stress in their environment.

We cover the costs of all necessary veterinary treatments for our foster cats & kittens. All fosterers are provided with a contact, who is available should they have any questions about the care of their foster cat or if they need any support.

We like fosterers to keep us updated regarding the well-being and progress of their foster cat/s and to send us good photos in square format so we can advertise the foster cat on our website once they are ready for rehoming.

Should any foster cat or kitten need urgent veterinary treatment it is important we are contacted immediately for help or advice. We are always happy to take cats for vet visits if this is difficult for the fosterer & we will come & feed any foster cat if the fosterer needs to go away.

Fosterers need to agree to being contacted by potential adopters & to allow them to come & meet the foster cat in their home. All adoptions are arranged by FFL & no foster cat should be advertised by the fosterer on internet sites, nor rehomed or transferred to another charity or rescue centre by the fosterer, without the knowledge & agreement of FFL.

FFL cats are only rehomed once they have a clean bill of health & no cat is allowed to be rehomed while they are undergoing veterinary treatment or are on a course of medication. The exception to this is when a cat has a chronic medical condition that needs long-term treatment.

Foster cats remain under the ownership of FFL, though we will consider allowing fosterers to adopt their foster cat if they can offer the necessary level of care & provide the appropriate home environment for the foster cat.