Adoption Process

All the cats in our care have been vet checked, neutered, vaccinated, deflead, wormed & microchipped.

Our adoption fee is £75 for a cat & £85 for a kitten.

When rehoming kittens we give priority to those wishing to adopt a pair or one kitten with their mother.

Wherever possible we aim to do a home visit before rehoming a cat, where we can discuss the adoption process with you face to face & take time to find out which of our cats would most suit your lifestyle & home environment.

Most of our cats available for adoption are on our website, which is updated on a regular basis. Once you have selected a cat for possible rehoming, we then arrange for you to go & meet the cat in his or her foster home. If the visit goes well & you decide you would like to adopt the cat & we are satisfied that you can offer the cat the type of home & care it needs, we will reserve the cat for you & the adoption can go ahead.

We ask that you will keep the cat in for an initial period of at least 6 to 8 weeks, during which you will be careful to ensure that doors & windows are kept shut. This is so that the cat becomes familiarised with their new home and knows where to return once they start going out.

We also ask that you only allow the cat out during the hours from dawn to dusk, and that you do not let them out at night. This is for the cat’s protection & also to help protect wildlife, since the night hours & up until dawn is a cat’s most active hunting period.

Finally, we ask that you do not allow the cat direct access out of the front of your home, to reduce the risk of a road traffic accident.

In the case of kittens, we ask you to keep them in until they are at least 6 months old as they are vulnerable to many risks, including being killed by foxes. Make sure there are no hazards in their environment such as toxic liquids, including household cleaning products, no sharp or small objects & that they have no escape routes to the outside or within the home (e.g. under floorboards or behind walls or units).

A key component of our adopting a cat from us, is that we need your agreement that you will attend to all of the cat’s welfare needs; that if adopting a kitten, they will be neutered at the appropriate age, that the cat will have health checks at least once a year & that you will return the cat to us should you no longer wish to keep the cat, for whatever reason, and that you will not sell, abandon, give away or have the cat euthanized.