Mitzie (Mother Cat)

Mitzie and her daughter Twiggy have been abandoned by their owner who left the country last year and said he would be returning for them both.  After 8 months of living in a garden shed and being fed by neighbours, their owner has now said that he is not returning.  

Mitzie is a very affectionate cat and once you quickly gain her trust, she will drop at your feet and show you her belly at every opportunity.  She misses human company and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap and will pull several sad faces until you give her a cuddle and constant attention.  She has been a little poorly with living outside over the harsh winter and has been fighting an infection due to a granuloma on her top lip which is currently on the mend with antibiotics but may flare up again in the future.

Mitzie and Twiggy like to go off exploring independently but are often seen playing together in the garden.   Mitzie is the dominant one and likes to show her daughter who’s the boss by giving Twiggy a bop on the head now and again.  Mitzie is used to mixing with other cats in the neighbourhood and tolerates friendly cats, therefore she may be able to live with other cats.